Introduce us to a professional, and get a 20% discount ! 💸


Do you know a provider or school that might be interested? Maybe they haven't yet had the time to discover tools like Bloowatch, or to understand how it could save them time and efficiency.

By putting this person in touch with Bloowatch, it's an opportunity for you... and them!... to benefit from a discount, and maybe help them find the tool to help them.







1. Share the contact with us

Just share with us their contact details by filling the form below.


2. We get in touch with him/her

You don't have to do anything else. When they receive the contact information by email, our team contact him/her and arrange a demo of the tool.


3. The discount is activated

If this person confirms that they are going to start within 3 months of your email introduction, then everyone wins! You will receive a 20% discount on your current subscription, and your contact will also receive a 20% discount on their subscription !


4. Refer another business

There’s no limit to the discounts you can receive. 😎


Note : To activate this special deal, we only ask that this business you are introducing is not engaged in a sales process with our sales team (in other words, that a demo has not been given to him/her in the last 3 months).