Bloowatch has a solution for all so that they save time and offer a better service.


Run your Business From One Place

Clean & efficient planning management

Easily control the planning of staff, activities and rentals, and manage your customers. Weather forecasts are integrated in the app so that you can access everything you need in a few clicks.

Centralized information

Consult your business data, let your staff access their planning, or respond to customers... from the computer, tablet or smartphone. Now you can manage your activity from the school, or anywhere!

ski instructor checking its class agenda

Easy and Fast Booking Management

Point of Sale for ski resort and school

Ultra fast bookings registration

From our specialized interface you can register a booking in just a few clicks from computer or mobile devices. Immediately respond to enquiry and close the sale before it's gone.

Accept bookings and payments from anywhere

The Bloowatch App is really about making sure any booking request can be confirmed from the first contact. Whether you are at the school or away, you will be able to register your booking from your mobile device, process payment and send confirmation receipts. And re-access the data from anywhere, at any time.

Online Booking

Online Booking software for ski classes

Allow 24/7 Booking From Your Website

Allow customers to book from your own website and fill up your slots while you are away! Bloowatch's booking engine and payment gateway save you time and money, while opening the door to more customers.

Manage payments in the school or via emails

Register multiple payments from the web or mobile app. The system will send automatic emails as confirmation or cancellation for more efficiency. Get the reports to follow up on the accounting.

Track Your Business and Communicate with Your Customers

Get insights from your business data

Track your clients, bookings and payments receipts to better understands the performance of your business. Get the reports to follow up on the accounting.

Create a real community with email marketing

Build your client database so that you directly engage with them in your marketing and loyalty campaigns and ultimately bring more sales.


group of ski and snowboard class