Bloowatch is the solution to manage your business from anywhere and drive stronger sales online.


Keep the control on everything, from anywhere

Keep track of your activity

Bloowatch's simple interface helps you to keep the control on your business, even when you are away or in the rush of the peak season. You can access all the information from your computer or your mobile devices.

Centralize your information

From the software and the different plannings you can follow up on bookings, check-ins, track availability for your accommodation, activities, rentals… Use the app to edit bookings in a few clicks, and send confirmation emails.

Daily view for Activities and Accommodation Bookings

A Specialized Booking Engine

Accommodation Planning

A booking engine to support sales

Registering bookings from the back office is fast and simple so that you can quickly attend requests from potential clients and close sales.

The system allows for different payment options and collect payments online by automating the whole process, and helps you keep track of overdue payments.

Online bookings

Let customers book and pay directly from you website for classes, accommodation, packs, rentals as availability is synchronized in real time.

Get Closer to Your Customers

Understand your client base

Analyse your records to get insights on your best customers, best products, time of bookings, etc. Easily process returning customers from their history, and trigger email communications.

Marketing and loyalty campaigns

Use your clients database for your marketing and loyalty campaigns and make sure a maximum of clients will come back and advertise your business.


Clients Database Management