The Bloowatch software will save you precious time connecting all the needs of your dive center, while easily managing your boats and groups to boost your sales.


Easily Manage your Daily Operation

Quick boats and clients management

Control your boats and groups, drag and drop your clients, instructors, rentals, or accommodation. Print your boat lists or register new bookings in just a few clicks.

All your data always synchronized and connected from anywhere

Get your staff to manage your organization from the laptop in the office or a tablet on the boat! All the information and the availability will always be up-to-date.

Dive Center Boat Management


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Trusted by Hundreds of Clients in 30+ Countries

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A Specialized Booking System

Dive Package Booking


Dive-specific packages

You can rely on our long experience managing all sorts of dive-specific packages and pricing options to make it easy and fast at the time of booking.

Multichannel sales

Boost your sales as the system synchronizes bookings on-site with the Point-Of-Sale, links sent to a client on the phone to confirm or pay, booking widgets on your website, or sales from your agents with our resellers connectors.


Selling 24/7 Online with a Specialized Solution

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Integrate the online widgets on your website

Our scheduling system allows for real-time synchronization of group and boat capacity - the cornerstone for online bookings. Let your clients book at any time of day or night. No more overbooking or last-minute headache.

Close bookings over the phone or chat

Sometimes online booking is not the best solution. Close a client on the phone with direct link-to-pay to make it easier and quicker for him... and you!

Full Management and Accounting Capabilities

Track and export all the business data

Track or export your clients, bookings and payments, activity data in a few clicks. Manage the end-of-day business reports or more advanced financial reports or automated staff fee reports.

Better manage your client clients and returning customers

Build on your client database so that you engage with them more personally in your marketing campaigns or promotional offers to bring more sales.

Customers on a Dive Boat