Are you a SurfCamp with succesful packages and a very busy season? Bloowatch can help you have all your business under control and drive stronger sales online.

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Keep the control on everything, from anywhere

Access always up-to-date information

Blowowatch's simple interface helps you to stay on top of your staff and customers, even in the rush of peak season. Make sure every staff is on the same page. The easy way to manage your surfcamp! View upcoming reservations, run reports,manage automated email communication.

Get your surfcamp organised

Keep the control on your business, even when you are away. Modifybookings straight from the calendar.Easily edit sessions in a fewclicks,and send update messages.

Centralize your information

Manage resources the smart way

Bloowatch's resource dependent calendar allows you to maximise the use of your staff and resources. Save time accessing up-to-day information and managing the activity with detail reports and statistics wherever you need, from your computer or mobile phone.

Centralise customer data

Manage all of your customer information from one place. Easily process repeat bookings, track your customer’s booking history, and trigger email communications.

We are regularly bringing new features to the App, and we also love to share our ideas and thoughts on the job. Please join us if you want to receive our updates

Get more revenue per customer

A booking engine to support sales

Respond quickly to solicitation from potential clients and close sales.With Bloowatch you can easily upsell and cross-sell yourproductsto increase your revenue per customer.

Real-time booking calendar

Let customers reserve and pay for class and rentals online based on your always up-to-date calendar.

Make payment a fast and transparent process

Get paid faster with different payment options and easily collect payments online by automating the whole process, giving you more time to manage your business. Follow up on late payments.

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